Monday, 23 November 2015

On Wilbraham Road a year ago

We have pretty much become one big entertainment strip from Beech Road along Barlow Moor Road and out in both directions along Wilbraham Road.

So if you wanted to pick a place in Chorlton which reflected the trend towards the cafe and bar business there are plenty to choose.

Now I have mixed feelings about it all.
I do enjoy calling in at various bars and eating in some of the restaurants but wonder how many more we can sustain.

That said sadly the pattern of shopping has changed and the small independent food trader is limited to a handful of specialist out lets with most people going to the supermarket or waiting for the man in the van.

All of which means that the vacated properties either stay closed or become places to eat and drink given that there is a limit to the number of charities or quirky little gift shops.

So where once on Beech Road, there were three butchers, a fresh fish shop a couple of grocers and a green grocer there are just the two stores.  Put another way if you want a piece of antique Victorian lace you will find it but forget buying a bag of potatoes.

It is a theme I have often gone back to and was prompted to again by Andy’s picture of that stretch of Wilbraham Road opposite the metro stop.

So here along with his photograph are two from A E Lander who walked along Wilbraham Road back in 1959, recording X LENT the electrical shop, Annette’s the clothes shop and Marguerite “Hairdressing, Beauty Culture.”

Not that this is a side swipe at what we have become just a reminder of what we once were.

Picture; Wilbraham Road 2014, from the collection of Andy Robertson and Wilbraham Road in 1959, A E Landers, m18455 & m18457, courtesy of Manchester Libraries, Information and Archives, Manchester City Council,

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