Sunday, 15 November 2015

In Hulme with a little bit more of our industrial heritage

What I like about Andy Robertson’s work is the way that he consistently records our industrial past much of which is on the cusp of disappearing.

But it is more than that because Andy doesn’t just take the odd picture but having identified a site under change he will return and return chronicling its eventual transformation.

And that I think is important particularly as many of the buildings have not received much in the way of attention and I doubt will ever be significant enough to warrant an archaeological survey.

So yesterday managing to dodge the rain and capturing one of the last bits of a sunny November he was back down at Hulme Hall Road watching as the last bits of a warehouse vanished.

The building had been damaged by a fire in the summer and in the months since Andy has built up a fine collection of images of its slow demise.

But with the sun shining he went on to take a few more pictures which I like and which offer up scenes we are all familiar with but rarely bother to photograph.

Pictures; from the collection, Manchester Hulme St Georges, by Andy Robertson, November 2105

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