Monday, 16 November 2015

It began with a fire and ended as a pile of rubble........... four months in one story

Now this is one of those stories where no one got hurt, no great secrets were unearthed and which in all probability would have passed quietly into the shadows.

The news that the warehouse on Hulme Hall Road had been damaged by fire back in the summer was featured by the MEN* and I guess in the normal run of things that would have been that.

It was not a particularly remarkable building, had no significant history as far as I know and its passing would not have clocked by many.

But Andy Robertson decided to record its last few months and to that end its demise has featured on the blog from when the demolition men first went in to now when the last bits of brick wall came down.

That said I am sure Andy will be back, after all the site has to be cleared and then once a developer has come along and planning permission granted, the ground will be broken and perhaps in another few onths a new apartment block will have taken the place of that warehouse.

Pictures; from the Hulme Hall Road collection, by Andy Robertson, 2015

**Castlefield mill collapse: Aerial pictures show extent of damage to building on Hulme Hall Road, BY AMY GLENDINNING, July 28 2015, Manchester Evening News,

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