Sunday, 1 November 2015

Down at St Georges with an expanse of water

Now I like the way an expanse of water can soften an industrial scene.

So on a warmish sunny day in late October even this bit of isolated land and water can offer up something pleasant.

Of course had it been raining or one of those miserable wet and grey days which will soon be upon us and I might well have been less carried away.

And I am also realistic enough to know that when this was a working water way it would have been noisy, very grimy and all too possibly a tad smelly.

For despite the fact that stretches of water like this offered a place for young kids to swim there would have been all manner of things floating towards that lock and some will have defied the compay’s men charged with keeping the place clear of obstruction.

Nor should we fooled by that neat looking car park.  I will have to do the research but I suspect it will have been a yard full of anything from timber to oil cans or part of a warehouse or factory backing on to the canal.

For those who want to know where we are Andy tells me we are at St Georges at that part of the basin linking the canal to Irwell.

Now I will go away and look up the relevant maps and track the buildings but for now I shall just leave you with the pictures.

Pictures; St Georges at that part of the basin linking the canal to Irwell, 2015 from the collection of Andy Robertson

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