Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Looking for great grandfather .............. new online records available

Southern Cemetery, Manchester, 2015
Now I spend my time searching for relatives and many others whose stories have been forgotten or never told, so I am pleased that more cemetery records from south east London will now be available online.

They can be found at Deceased Online, span the period 1858-1999 and cover details of people interred at Brockley Ladywell, Grove Park and Hither Green cemeteries as well as those cremated at Lewisham Crematorium.

And according to WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? magazine,  “although the level of detail may vary, each entry is accompanied by a scan of the page on which it originally appears [and] for around 90% of the graves users can access a map showing exactly where the final resting place of their forbearers is located.”**

Nunhead Cemetery, 2015
Deceased Online now have eight million records with 14 councils represented and they expect to add another two London councils, as well as many other councils across the UK over the next six months.

Now I have never used the site mainly because as a first generation Londoner all our lot are scattered across the country but there will be plenty who may want to go and look at the site.

“Searching is FREE, and can be restricted as required to country, region, county, or individual burial authority or crematorium. If you register with Deceased Online here, you will be able to purchase vouchers online, which you can spend to access further information associated with any of the found records.”**

And there is now a facility to subscribe for £89.

For those wanting to access the records for Manchester there is  Manchester Burial Records which is also an  the online service run by of Manchester City Council,.***

It is an excellent site and covers the city.

Pictures Southern Cemetery, 2014, from the collection of Andrew Simpson; and Nunhead Cemetery, July 2015, from the collection of Sue Simpson

* Deceased Online, deceasedonline.com

**South London Burials go online, WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? magazine, Issue 107, December 2015, www.whodoyouthinkyouaremagazine.com

***Manchester Burial Records, http://www.burialrecords.manchester.gov.uk/

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