Friday, 13 November 2015

A little bit of Eltham over 38 years and a thank you to Larissa

Now over the last few weeks I have been featuring a series of photographs by my friend Larissa who has begun recording the changes to the old Grove Market site and has now added the future cinema to the project.

It is a fascinating study and is one that is not often undertake.

All too often we clock the demolition of a building, note its successor but pretty much ignore the bit in between so Larissa’s project is an important.

And with that in mind here are three which were taken at different at times of the High Street side of the Grove development which will feed into Larissa’s study.

The earliest was taken in 1977 by Jean Gammons who went back 36 years later and recorded the pub boarded up and waiting for something to happen.
And that something was of course Derek the Demolition man.

For a brief few years the Kings Arms had been my local, by looking back I can’t remember why.

And when we were last at home it had closed and now it has gone.

Pictures;  the Kings’ Arms in 1977 and 2013 courtesy of Jean Gammons, and 2015 from the collection of Elizabeth and Colin Fitzpatrick

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