Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Walking from Cornbrook ..... a picture a day part 1 ... starting out

Now I have decided to follow one of Andy Robertson’s walks from Cornbrook.  

It’s an area which has been much neglected but is on the cusp of change.

I could go in to detail about the history of the place but instead will post just the picture and Andy’s accompanying comment.

One a day till I run out of images.

So here is the first which Andy recorded was “a quick trip via tram, familiar sites, different angles etc.  

Number one, is just out of Cornbrook Station, on right is what was Cornbrook Road, note the 17t bridge sign on right. 

In a not too old AtoZ of mine this was still a thoroughfare.”

Picture; from the Cornbrook collection 2015, by Andy Robertson

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