Tuesday, 24 November 2015

A bit of Little Italy on Warwick Road South ............ another project from Andy Robertson

Never ever be surprised at how little bits of our history can turn up in the most unexpected places.

That said I am rarely surprised at Andy Robertson’s ability to turn up those bits of history which others have so totally missed.

So last weekend while out on Warwick Road South he came up with a fascinating bit of industrial history which has links with Little Italy and Manchester’s ice cream past.

And not to out change Andy I will leave the rest to him and his links to one of my favourite bits of our city’s story.

“I decide to take these of Warwick Road South yesterday as it was nice light and nobody about. 

Then I noticed a sign on the rear of a building on Ayres Road for The International Wafer Company. 

Presumably this sign was pretty much hidden when the other buildings were there. 

It was founded by Domenico Antonelli, an immigrant from Italy, in 1912. 

In 1926 they moved to this purpose built building on Ayres Road.

Check out The Antonelli Story -- Little Italy on the  internet.*

Also there is an excellent aerial photo of the brand new building on Trafford Lifetimes site, aerial view of Old Trafford, 1926.”**

And that is it.

Other than to say the entrance is still an impressive way into an ice cream factory.

Pictures;  The International Wafer Company, November 2015 from the collection of Andy Robertson

* The Antonelli Story, http://www.ancoatslittleitaly.com/antonelli.html

** Trafford Lifetimes,  https://apps.trafford.gov.uk/TraffordLifetimes/

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