Sunday, 8 May 2016

A little bit of Chorlton on sale at Chorlton Bookshop ..................... picture postcards with a twist

Now I maintain and I maintain most strongly that every area should have its own history book.

And if it has its own history book it should also have plenty of picture postcards.

Of course for all sorts of reasons we don’t send many today and the number produced by commercial companies has dwindled.

So I am pleased to report that local artist Peter Topping has been busy making new picture post cards of some of the most popular bits of Chorlton-cum-Hardy

And no surprises, but many are of the same spots that a century ago were sold in newsagents across the township.

But of course there is a difference which is not just the passage of a 100 or so years but that the  new ones are in colour and are paintings not photographs.

And that is all I am going to say, other than that they cost 75p each, can be bought as a collection or individually and are on sale at Chorlton Book shop.

Postcards of Chorlton-cum-Hardy, © 2016 Peter Topping 


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