Friday, 13 May 2016

Pictures from a Fire Station ............... nu 1 London Road .... May 2016

Now I have no intention of rehearsing the history of London Road Fire Station or the campaign to save it.  

That has been done much better by others over the years.

Instead I shall just post some of Andy Robertson’s excellent pictures of the place which he took today as the sun was cracking the paving stones and I was indoors being Mr Boring.

My only memories of the building are sitting in Bert’s Cafe on Whitworth Street eating sausage sandwiches when I should have been in a 9.30 lecture in the College of Commerce, round the corner.

Those with a pretence to being hip called it ColCom while we who weren’t settled on the more appropriate “College of Knowledge”.

Either way it did me alright as did Bert’s cafe.

Later when watching Stanley Baker in the film Hell is a City I recognised the entrance he left as the
Whitworth side of the Fire Station.

And that is about all I am going to say other than I shall post some more of Andy’s pictures tomorrow.

Location London Road, Manchester

Pictures; London Road, 2016 from the collection of Andy Robertson

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