Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Pictures from a Fire Station ............... nu 3 London Road .... May 2016

Now  everyone will have their own favourite pictures from Friday’s open day down at London Road Fire Station.

Not that I was there ........... I didn’t even know it was going on and that is my loss.  But at least I can share some of the photographs that Andy Robertson took.

Everyone will know Andy’s work from the blog.  He has a knack of knowing which buildings in the twin cities are at risk and then follow’s the progress of the buildings, more often than not from empty and neglected to demolition and redevelopment.

They are a fabulous record of some of our vanishing and vanished buildings and will be a real resource to future historians.

That said I do have to say that if Andy ever gets round to photographing our house I think I should be worried.

But on a very sunny day this May Andy confirmedhis reputation  of himself as the chronicler of doomed buildings by recording what he saw down on London Road.

The future of the place may still be uncertain but yesterday was a treat for all those who like the Fire Station and those who have ever campaigned to save it.

All of that is well documented by others who have done the job of tell its story much better than me so I shall just leave you with my favourites from the ones he took.

This is number three in the series of posts from the day that Andy visited the fire station and three are more planned.
That said he couldn't resist turning his camera in other directions and yesterday I featured his two pictures of Munroes which was the White Hart.

And as you do it allowed me to reflect on Bert's cafe and Placemate which was once the Twisted Wheel, but that was yesterdays' story.

Location; London Road, Manchester

Pictures; London Road Fire Station, 2016 from the collection of Andy Robertson

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