Saturday, 14 May 2016

What a difference four years makes ............... down by Munroes' on London Road with memories of Placemate and Bert’s Cafe

Now I remember Munroes' long before it was Munroes' when it was the White Hart.

Munroes', 2012
And back then if you walked along that bit of Whitworth Street there was Placemate which had once been the Twisted Wheel and beyond that roughly where the big blue and while parking sign stands was Bert’s cafe which did a pretty neat sausage sandwich.  After which there was a scrappy bit of open land.

While had you walked up London Road past the pub the Hotel International was a furniture shop from where in 1972 we bought a pine table.

Sadly in 1972 I didn’t have a camera and since then I have never really bothered with this stretch of road opposite the railway station.

Munroes 2016
And so I have missed a lot, which brings me back to Andy Robertson who had the foresight to record Munores in 2012 and gain yesterday.

I will leave you to spot the differences, and when that exercise has been exhausted there is always the Libraries digital archive with heaps of old pictures.*

Pictures, London Road, 2012 and 2016, from the collection of Andy Robertson

*Manchester Local Image Collection,

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