Thursday, 26 May 2016

Out on Pomona land

Now strictly speaking there are no buildings to tell a story but I suppose that in a sense is the point.

There was once and there will be again.  Andy Robertson’s caption for his pictures reads, “two more views across Pomona land, this time from Ordsall Lane from near the hall.” 

The evidence for what had once been a little bit of Salford’s industrial history is there to see along with that creeping bit of nature which can never be eliminated.

And in time the developers and the Corporation will bring these spaces back into some sort of community use.

All of which makes Andy’s pictures a valuable record of a moment in time.

The digital archives of Manchester, Tameside and Trafford are full of images of our industrial past but the collections are in need of constantly being added to if only to make the transition from what was to what is now.

And pictures like these are an important contribution to our history.

Pictures; Salford 2014, from the collection of Andy Robertson

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