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The lost pubs of Levenshulme ............. nu 1 The Midway Hotel

Before 1904
Now here are two interesting pictures of the Midway Hotel  which deserve plenty of research.

Doris sent the picture postcard to Miss Greaves of 9 Bristol Avenue, Levenshulme on January 13 1906.

It would seem that Doris had heard that Miss Greaves wanted a picture of the two buildings which made sense given that the old pub had been demolished to make way for the new one which had been opened just two years earlier.

In time I think I will delve deep into the history of the two pubs but for now will content myself with this extract from that excellent site the Pubs of Manchester.

After 1904
“The Midway was rebuilt in 1904 as this imposing pub at the junction of Matthews Lane and Stockport Road in Levenshulme.  

The original Midway dates back an impressive 300 years earlier, first licensed in 1604 and shown here as Midway House in 1900 and 1902 just before its replacement (1907).  

To the left of the Midway is a supermarket car park which was once a bowling green,.

Sadly, the Midway has closed and has been taken over by an obscure college having been a cash & carry at some point previously.  The pub may have had an Irish name in the 1990s but I'm not sure.”

And if you want to check out what has happened to a whole range of our once busy and popular buildings now down on their luck or just transformed I always go to the images of Andy Robertson who as regular readers will know has been recording the pubs, warehouses, and mills of Greater Manchester along with those posh places.

And sure enough he had been down in Levenshulme and caught this one of the Hotel last year.

Location; Levenshulme

Pictures; the Midway Hotel 1904 from the collection of David Harrop and the Midway in 2014 courtesy of Andy Robertson

*Manchester Pubs,

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