Friday, 20 May 2016

Bits of London Road Fire Station you may never have seen nu 1

Now I know I will open myself to accusations of being a nerd, the withering wish that I should get a life and perhaps be offered the  four volume guide to British match boxes, 1899-1902.

Well so be it.

Here courtesy of Andy Robertson who like me knows no better is a short series on what has been left behind in the old London Road Fire Station.

I leave it up to the experts and those who know about these things to pass a comment.

And before I had time to draw breath on the story my old friend Neil posted a link to a site with the clue to the old bit of mechanical furniture.  It “ looks a very basic fuel pump Andrew. 

I couldn't find this model, but here is a link to a brochure for one you will definitely recognise..”*

Now I couldn’t resist replying “A misspent youth Neil pondering "Fuel Pumps Monthly” for which I am sure he will forgive me.

Location; London Road Fire Station

Pictures; from the series  A day with a Fire Station, 2016, by Andy Robertson

*Old Classic Car,

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