Friday, 20 May 2016

That other Lord Nelson on Chapel Street ........................ a sad tale of a Salford pub

Now some bits of the legacy of Admiral Lord Nelson and that historic battle at sea in 1805 are still preserved by a grateful nation.

HMS Victory is still there to see at Portsmouth and the pigeons can testify to the statue in Trafalgar Square.

But not so those two Salford pubs which bore his name.

In the case of one of them which stood on Chapel Street its link with the past was severed when it became the Rover’s Return in deference to that make believe pub in Coronation Street.

As for the other also on Chapel Street it clings on although I doubt for much longer.

My old friend Andy Robertson took his picture of Ye Old Nelson in the July of 2014 and in the intervening two years not a lot has happened.

The story of the pub is well documented in that excellent site the Pubs of Manchester so I will do no more than say that it was opened by Alice Schofield in 1805, the year Lord Nelson died at Trafalgar and permission was granted to rebuild it in 1895.*

That later building served the thirsty of Chapel Street till it closed in 2002, and despite frequent assertions by those in power that it had a future, at least one commentator thinks differently**

And that pretty much is all I have to say.

For those who remember it with fondness  I offer up the two links to its story and for those who don’t know it I would get down there quickly before Derek and his demolition ball  turn it into a pile of rubble.

That said I haven’t been on Chapel Street for a while so it may already have passed into history.

Location; Salford

Picture; Ye Old Nelson, 2014 from the collection of Andy Robertson.

*Pubs of Manchester,


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