Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Back at Pomona Docks, look carefully they may not be with us for much longer

Now I am back at Pomona Docks with more pictures by Andy Robertson.

I never knew the docks when they were busy workaday places but something of the size can still be got from these photographs.

I thought about researching their past and looking for more modern stories about them but in the end decided I would leave that to others and instead just post these.

Like so many of the pictures Andy takes of places around the city I doubt that this place will long still look like this.

After all here is a vast area that is empty, close to the city centre and beside a big stretch of water which in the summer is a pretty attractive spot.

So like so much of our industrial heritage, here you saw it first and maybe not for much longer.

Pictures; Pomona Docks, from the collection of Andy Robertson, August 2014

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