Monday, 23 May 2016

The lost pub, the story of a family and lots of fine photographs ......... what’s social media got? ... its got the lot

Now there are those who still deride social media as a place to announce to the world the new handbag purchase, the failed bin collection or the next trend in breakfasts.

But that would be to overlook how in a few short years it has become a vehicle to share everything from fascinating sound historical research to collections of fine photographs which would otherwise rarely be seen.

It is open, free from some of the stuffy attitudes about what is history and makes no preconceptions about the right angle to shoot a picture of the Town Hall.

For many people it is the perfect place to showcase what they are doing without having to ask a gallery to exhibit their work or waiting on a publisher to decide if the piece is worthy of publication.

And for me it has not only been a place to park the blog but also a means of communicating with people from as faraway as Canada on our mutual connections with British Home Children, Australia and New Zealand on Great War veterans and of course South East London which I still think of as home.

So with that in mind here is another photograph of Eltham from Ryan along with a thank you to Chrissy and Jean who have also kindly offered up pictures and to Kath and Tricia who continue to come up with some amazing bits of local history.

And that is about all I am going to say.
Location; Eltham, London

Picture; Well Hall, 2016, from the collection of Ryan Ginn

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