Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Always look up ..... On Cross Street, with ceiling window ..... Sale

Now Andy Robertson is a man of few words, but they cut to the point, so accompanying these two pictures he sent over was the simple comment, “On Cross Street, with ceiling window”.

And that is pretty much all that needs to be said.

The Bulls Head is not a pub I have been in, but I think I will take a visit, just to check out the ceiling.

The date says 1879 which means it will be pretty easy to trace.

Of course there will be someone who can reel off its whole history which would be interesting.

The Trevor Arms in Chorlton had a similar ceiling which was closed off in the 1960s, exposed again in the 1990s and after the last refurbishment has gone again under false panelling.

In the case of the Bull its attractive features are a little eclipsed by the big TV screen.

Still people will be drawn to the glass in a n idle moment when the football gets boring, which might start me off on a new series ....... Pub Windows.

And that is it.

Location; Sale

Pictures; the Bulls Head, Sale, 2018, from the collection of Andy Robertson 

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