Saturday, 14 July 2018

Complete the Chorlton Challenge and win a Chorlton prize ...... before Sunday

In celebration of our own beer and cider festival, here is the Chorlton Challenge which is to come up with the best caption to the picture below.

The captions should be Chorlton Beer Festival related.

There will be a prize of one of our Chorlton Pubs book for the best caption*.

Mark your entries Picture Caption and as a comment to the blog, an email to  or facebook message to either of us.

And if you want to know more about the original historic postcard, follow the link to Thursday’s story**..

Picture; The Competition, adapted by Peter Topping from a picture postcard issued in 1907 by Raphael Tuck and Son, and now in the catalogue of Tuck DB,

*All our books are available from Chorlton Bookshop or direct from us at

**In celebration of all things Chorlton ..... beer, cider ...... and the competition,

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