Monday, 23 July 2018

Beech Road Summer Fete .........a success

Now yesterday was Beech Road Summer Fete, which by common consent was a success.*

It was a much more modest affair as was in keeping with the name and I suspect the wishes of many who live around Beech Road.

There was stuff to do on both the Rec and the Green and things to see along the bottom of Beech Road.

I noticed yesterday on social media, that there were a couple of sneering detractors who thought it was lacking stalls, music and “things”, but that is to miss the point.

It was organised by the Beech Road Traders and volunteers as a community event for those around Beech Road, and that was what it was, no more, no less.

The huge crowds were absent as were the giant and inappropriate fairground attractions on the Rec and the multitude of small entrepreneurs. Instead there were lots of people having fun.

We walked out quite late, when the sun had come out, but there was still lots going on.

Judging by the people we bumped into, the fete got it right, leaving me to thank the traders and especially the three stalwart volunteers who supervised the junction of Beech, Cross and Beaumont Roads, ensuring that the road down to the green remained traffic free.

It was different from those in the past and I can remember them all right back to 1997, less hype and noise but just as much fun.

Location; Beech Road

Picture; the Rec and the sign, 2018, from the collection of Andrew Simpson

* Of festivals and other fun things on Beech Road ...... and beyond,

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