Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Down at Chorlton Bookshop ...... with a prize and a story ... today at midday

Now to celebrate the Great Chorlton Beer and Cider Festival, we offered up a poster competition.*

We adapted an old picture postcard and asked for a slogan which would fit the picture and have a suitable Chorlton/beer and cider theme.

There was as you would expect a good response and Miss Mable Ackroyd of Martledge selected the four she liked best of which the winner was by Kathy Lee.

And today at noon in Chorlton Bookshop, Miss Lee will receive her prize of a copy of our Chorlton pubs book.

So why not join us?

Location Chorlton Bookshop, at noon today

Picture, the Competition, adapted by Peter Topping from a picture postcard issued in 1907 by Raphael Tuck and Son, and now in the catalogue of Tuck DB,

* The winner of the Chorlton Caption Competition is ...........

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