Monday, 9 July 2018

Who guards Lithermans Bridge?

Now I am fairly confident I am looking at a pillbox, the sort that was constructed in the early years of the last war when the threat of an invasion was a real possibility.

It must have been a huge civil engineering undertaking because they were everywhere, guarding not only our sea defences but inland at crossroads, bridges, and other strategic locations.

This one guards Lithermans Bridge, near Turton.

There will be people out there, who can not only identify the type of pillbox, but date it by some feature unknown to most of us and maybe even offer up this one’s history.

None of which I can compete with.  It was taken by Peter Topping last week and I like the peaceful setting which contrasts with the awful and violent scene which would have been enacted if the pillbox had ever been used.

I came across a few on holiday down on the beach one year.

One was still intact but the other had shifted and stood at a crazy angle with the entrance in the air.

So that is it, until someone comes up with more.

Location near Turton

Picture; courtesy of Peter Topping, 2018

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