Saturday, 7 July 2018

Another day in Warrington ................. nu 2 passing the pub on Buttermarket Street in 2016

Yesterday we were promised what would be the best day for catching the sun.

And that was pretty much the case although there were great chucks of the day when the clouds did their best to both hide the sun and threaten rain.

But there was enough sun, the day was warm and the result was more pictures of Warrington a place I have only been to once before.

And as you do I was drawn into the shopping centre and ended up outside the Lower Angel on Buttermarket Street, which of course begs the question ... was there and is there an Upper Water Angel public house?

I shall go looking but in the meantime three is this, "a step back in time in the traffic-free area of Warrington town centre's heart with a traditional vault and lounge layout and rear beer garden. 

Memorabilia from the former Walker's brewery and stained glass windows can be seen. 

There are plans to relaunch the mothballed brewery behind the pub in future. The six changing beers are mainly from independent breweries. 

The Dark Mild is invariably from Dunham Massey but does occasionally change. Real cider is available spring through to summer whilst up to 70 malt whiskies are offered."*


Location; Warrington

Picture;the Lower Water Angel, 2016, from the collection of Andrew Simpson

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