Monday, 29 September 2014

Out in the Northern Territory in 1984, reflecting on two Irish brothers from Sydney who were looking for land

Welcome to the Northern Territory, 1984
Now the blog knows no boundaries and so here we are in the Northern Territory of Australia.

The pictures date from 1984 when my friend June and her husband visited the Northern territory just as the area was transformed by the Ord River scheme.

“The pictures are of part of a cattle station pioneered by two Irish brothers from Sydney who were looking for land on which to raise cattle in the 19th century. 

The land was arid and was very bad in the dry season but, in the wet, there was plenty of water - sometimes, of course far too much. 

Lake Argyle, 1984
In the 20th Century it was decided to dam the River Ord a project which was known as the Ord River scheme, which was intended to bring the desert country to life. 

We visited this area in 1984 on a trip around Australia in a coach. 

When the dam was completed and started to fill a rescue of wild life marooned by the rising waters was necessary.

We saw it when it was full and there was a lot of cultivation going on. 

"The land was arid and very bad in the dry season," 1984
I know that some people were concerned that the soil was very fragile and that it was being 'overcropped'. In the first photograph you will get some idea of how dry this area is in most parts.”

All of which is a trailer for some stories of Australia in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Pictures; of the Northern Territory, 1984, June Pound

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