Friday, 12 February 2016

A little bit more of 1939 is revealed........... unlocking the 1939 Register

Nana & Uncle Roger, 1929
Now if like me you were a bit disappointed when Findmypast unveiled the 1939 Register promising so many great things but making you pay more to see it, the news that that it will now just be part of the subscription will be good news.

I could just about swallow the explanation that the high cost of transcribing the information might justify paying extra but I wasn’t happy and remain miffed that certain information is blocked due to the 100 year rule and that  to unlock those details will involve an added cost.

The good news is that from February 16 it will become just another set of records which can be accessed within the subscription.

That said from the same date the price of the subscription will rise by 20% according to WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE MAGAZINE?

From this date, the cost of a new British membership will be £119’95 and a World Membership £155.95.

Now I subscribe to Findmypast as well as Ancestry but seem to have missed the email about the 1939 Register and the price rise.

Still it seems that it will freeze the subscription rates for existing members when they next renew and they will also be offered a loyalty discount when they do.

Picture; Nana and Uncle Roger in the back yard of 12 Hope Street Derby, 1929, from the collection of Andrew Simpson

* WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE MAGAZINE? Issue 110, March 2016,

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