Friday, 5 February 2016

The continuing story of an unloved 19th century warehouse on Hulme Hall Road

I last featured the story of that warehouse in December.

And now that the weather has improved Andy Robertson was back continuing that unique record of the end of an undistinguished building.

As far as I know it has never warranted a survey, no historian has dug into its past and so far just a few people have owned up to working there.

So for all those reasons I think Andy’s project has been an important one and a few days ago he sent me the latest batch of pictures commenting that there have been  “further developments at Excelsior.  Half the canal side wall has now gone as has that big bit of vertical metal sticking out.

I spent ages watching the  JCB lifting and dropping this 50foot+ length of metal, but  could not understand the logic,  then realised this was an attempt to dislodge the concrete from the metal. 

A few pieces fell off during the vigil.”

All of which just leaves me to say watch this space and in the fullness of time demolition will give way to a building site and in a matter of years few will remember what once stood beside the canal.

Location; Hulme, Hall Road, Manchester

Pictures; from the Hulme Hall Road project, 2016, courtesy of Andy Robertson

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