Thursday, 25 February 2016

Tales from the Manchester tram and a look back to the 19th century

Now the Metro link is a pretty sophisticated transport system but yesterday in the heart of the city on the bit of the network that runs from Deansgate Castlefield to Mosley Street the tram was operating that age old practice of handing the driver a wooden token at one fixed point which had to be handed back in later down the track.

It is and always was a safety measure when railway trains and now trams have to pass on a piece of single track.

And as most people who use this stretch of the network know this is because of the Second City Crossing which is in construction and will see new sets of track sitting beside each other allowing trams to pass through St Peter’s Square before heading off down Princess Street to Exchange Square and others to run up Mosley Street.

All of which has reduced the service to just one line of track from just below Deansgate Castlefield to a point opposite the Art Gallery.

It makes perfect sense and is reminder of a  simpler bit of technology.

Location; Market Street Manchester

Picture; Market Street Manchester, 2016, from the collection of Andrew Simpson

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