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Memories of my childhood in and around Eltham ............... from Ryan Ginn

A long  time  ago  ,  in  the  age  of  innocence ,  fun games  and  a multiple  amount  of  activities  at  Queenscroft Park Eltham.  

My  very  first  memory  of  Queenscroft Park  was  thus.

Me  and  my  brother's,  Danny Holmes Shane Ginn  and  Craig Ginn used  to  leave  Haimo  Primary  School  in  the  early  summer  morning.

Our  parents  weren't  exactly  of  the  rich  kind .

We  wasn't  little  oiks  as  some  might  say. But  the  summer's  at  this  park  were  a fantastic  time.

Queenscroft Park
I think I  even  kissed  a girl  called  Rose then.

I think  my  brother  Shane  egged  me  on,  I was  just  a  kid.

Soon  after  there  was  skating  on  the  rink  with  the  old  metal  skates.

They  never  did  fit  as  you  needed  help  to  change  the  size  back  then?

Eltham  Green  school  was  imminent  for  me  eventually.

My brother's  and  my  mother  father  and  my  aunt  Jacqueline  also  had  the  chance  to  be  educated  there.

Mind  you  a lot  longer  before  we  all  did.

Magic days
My  mother  Hazel Ginn  reminds  me  of  when  she  was  just  a  teenager  and  watching  it  being  built .

Anyway .  After  the  Queenscroft Park  days  there were  times  when  our  grandparents  used  to  take us  down  to  Hastings  or  Bexhill.

Bexhill  was  most  fabulous  as  Waidough  and Arthur  had a  hut.

The  old  one's  by  the  pebbled  beach. Tea  and toast  mostly.

A few  hours  being  cramped  in  a  Ford  Anglia?

Imagine  that  with  no  seat  belts  in  the  late seventies.

Not  heard  of  these  days?  Camber  Sands  became  a  real  holiday  home  soon  after  my  grandparents  retired.

My  nan  called  the  caravan Waidough.

"We didn't turn out too bad"
We  all  used  it  for  every  occasion. Karen Welch Paul Adams Terri Allen    Philip Ginn  Nicki Rackley.

The  days  of  when  I met  Laura Hassain.

Our dogs  the  Yorkshire  terriers Tich  and  Toby   and  nan  telling  me  to  go  save  the  tables  for  bingo   .

That  was  too long  time  ago . But  the  summer's  are  long  in  our  minds.

Thankfully  I still  have  some  remembrance  of  it .

Location Eltham, London

© Ryan Ginn, 2016

Pictures; from the collection of Ryan Ginn and Friends of Queenscroft Park

*The Friends of Queenscroft Park have a blog, and canbe found on facebook at Friends of Queenscroft Park,

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