Monday, 29 February 2016

Down at the Throstles Nest something is stirring

Now Andy Robertson has been out again on Seymour Grove with a new picture of the Throstles Nest.

He was last there in July at which time I speculated on the future.*

The one planning application just referred to “Erection of a pitched roof to existing two storey flat roof, including an increase in the height of the eaves”**

And eight months on its the only one that I could find on the data base.

So that must be the work that is about to be undertaken.

Location; Old Trafford, Greater Manchester

Pictures; the Throstles Nest, 2015 &2016 from the collection of Andy Robertson

*What's happening with that not so historic Throstles Nest on Seymour Grove?

**Trafford Council Planning,  82950/FULL/2014,

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