Saturday, 20 February 2016

Just what has been going on down at Warwick Road South? ......... now that’s another zippy title

I am ever ready for more pictures from Warwick Road South and Andy Robertson in the interests of archaeological history obliged with this one he sent yesterday.

It is another from his ongoing project to record what is quickly vanishing.

Like many I guess the passing of this building will not rank a footnote in the industrial heritage books of Trafford.

But it was a place where people went everyday, earned a living and for that it shouldn’t go without a comment.

The history of the building was researched by Andy when he first stumbled over the place back in 2014.

He was back a year later after the site had been cleared and a big sign announced “Quality Homes for rent” which the developers added would be “60 Apartments for affordable rent.”

And as Andy’s new picture shows, progress is well under way.

The land was long ago broken, the foundations are in and the walls are going up.

So watch this space because in the next few months Any will return to document the transformation of another bit of where we live.

Pictures; Warwick Road South, 2014, 2016, from the collection of Andy Robertson

*Gone and soon to be forgotten ......... on Warwick Road South,

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