Thursday, 18 February 2016

The continuing story of an unloved 19th century warehouse on Hulme Hall Road ......... "now totally JCB clear."

I keep thinking we will soon come to an end of the story of that warehouse on Hulme Hall Road.

It was partially damaged by fire last year, was the subject of an article  in the Manchester Evening News and regularly appears here on the blog.

It was a pretty unremarkable building not particularly liked by some who worked there and I doubt will ever be even a foot note in our industrial history.

But that has not stopped Andy Robertson charting its story from the day after the fire through the various stages of its demolition.

And yesterday his daughter Cathy added this picture to the story to which Andy added, “this was taken by Cathy today. The land is now totally JCB clear.”

All of which promises a new set of pictures from the both of them as the builders get to work, breaking the ground and creating something new.

I haven’t had time to search the Corporation’s online planning applications to see what that might be but from memory there is already an application in for a new residential development of 164 apartments at Pomona Wharf/Pomona Island.

So we shall see.

Location Hulme, Manchester

Picture; the site of the warehouse, 2016 from the collection of Cathy Robertson

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