Friday, 19 February 2016

You can never get enough of canals ............ walking the Duke’s Canal one Sunday in February nu 3

This is the last of the set of three stories featuring the pictures of Andy Robertson’s stroll down the Duke’s Canal one Sunday in February.

Now I have pretty much said all I wanted to say about Andy’s trips so I shall just leave you with the pictures.

The history of the Duke’s Canal can be found elsewhere on the blog, and no doubt will be added to in good time.

What I really like about walking the canal from Stretford is the way that you can still get a sense of the history of the area and the promise of what is to some.

A little of of the old industrial activity still exists but much has gone, leaving for a while acres of empty land.

But nature and the developer abhor a vacuum and in the last decade or so tall residential properties have begun to fill the spaces.

So I guess next time Andy walks the walk these bits of land with the  city sky line beyond will be full of new busy activity.

Location; The Duke’s Canal

Pictures; along the Duke’s Canal, 2016, from the collection of Andy Robertson

*The Duke’s Canal,

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