Monday, 1 February 2016

Street grids I have known part 2 ................... the story of J and S Eyres of Miles Platting, Manchester

That street grid, 2016
Yesterday I pondered on the humble street drain cover.*

They are one of those things we just take for granted and yet they also have a history.

At the time I was interested in the now defunct local authorities who commissioned their making and whose names can still be found on a grid that still does the business.

It was Graham’s picture of this 1936 one that set me off and prompted a few people to ask about J and S Eyres who made it.

And that set me off.  At present there isn’t too much, but there are some fine photographs on the net of men making working in the foundry along with a sort account in Grace’s Guide to Industrial History.**

J & S Eyers, Lord Street, 1963
They were a Manchester firm founded in 1897 and in 1911 were operating on Lord Street, Miles Platting and filed their last set of accounts in 1987.

That said quite a few people have written in to say that a company bearing part of the name is still there.

And that just leaves me to make the appeal again for more stories and pictures of street grids and right now for a bit more on J and S Eyres.

Location; Miles Plating, Manchester,

Pictures, street grid, 1936, courtesy of Graham Gill and Lord Street, showing J and S Eyres, 1963, T Brooks, m30010, courtesy of Manchester Libraries, Information and Archives, Manchester City Council,

*Looking for our vanished history on the side of the road ........... the drainage grid,

** Grace’s Guide to Industrial History,

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