Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Those celebrity pictures from the 1900s

I am back with those celebrity picture cards from the first decade of the last century.

They covered everybody from actors and music hall stars to the up and coming young stage personalities.

Many of them were household names but have now slid into obscurity but with a bit of research something of their lives and careers are there to see again.

A few continued their careers into films but most settled back into the shadows.

Maude Darrell was born in 1883 and died aged 27 in 1910.

I rather think she would have been 25 when she posed for the photograph which manages to capture something special of this young woman.

The same is also true of the picture by Lizzie Caswall Smith of Miss Fyfe Alexander.

Now I have yet to find out anything about the actress but I do know that Lizzie Caswall Smith had her own studios on Oxford Street, twice exhibited at the Royal Photographic Society and produced some outstanding portraits of notable Edwardian's.

Now that makes her an interesting person to find out more about.

Pictures; from the series CELEBRITIES OF THE STAGE, by Tuck and Sons, 1902-5, courtesy of Tuck DB, http://tuckdb.org/

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