Friday, 10 February 2017

A question down at Hunts Bank

Now yesterday we were down at Hunts Bank with that hole in the ground which was once a hotel.

The final demolition of the Palatine Building has provoked a mix of comments from those who thought it an eyesore and argued that it should never have been built to those who mourned the demise of what may have been the first purpose built railway hotel.

I have to say I share both views, but enough of that.  Today it is more about what Andy discovered when he went down to the site and photographed that space on Victoria Street.

He says, “The demolition of the building has revealed this rather ancient looking arch which possibly has/had water running under it.?”

And that I know will need to a shedl oad of contributions replete with OS maps, contemporary observations and anecdotal comments.

So as they say bring them on.

But the demolition of the Palatine Building does
afford good views of the surrounding properties, and that is where I shall leave it.

Location; Manchester

Pictures; Victoria Street, 2017 from the collection of Andy Robertson

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