Thursday, 9 February 2017

Stories of fame and much more ...... no 2 on becoming a facebook friend

An occasional series reflecting on Peter's friends and his abiding interest in folk music.

How you get to know people has always fascinated me.  In the case of me and Peter it was a mutual friend, a celebration party and over thirty years later a working collaboration which has created four books, an 80 meter installation and lots of paintings and stories.

So with that in mind I was curious as to how he met Mike Harding.

This was revealed yesterday and today there is part two which starts with that moment when social networking doesn’t net work.

It was as Peter recounts a bit of a surprise.

I have always wanted to be a "Friend" of Mike Harding on Facebook but according to Facebook he has too many "Friends"!, so I had to settle for "Following" him.

He had a show on BBC Radio 2 for 15 years which finished in 2012, when he decided to launch an online only show, on the "Interweb" (as Mike called it), called The Mike Harding Folk Show.

As Mike was a one man band then so is his show... so much so that he runs it from his "Shed" and pays the broadcasting license and running costs of the internet server out of his own pocket. If you want to contribute to support the show click on the link.

Mike also has a presence on facebook........."
Painting;Mike Harding. Painting © 2015 Peter Topping, Paintings from Pictures. Based on a photograph from 2015.
  © 2008, Peter Topping,  Paintings from Pictures.


Facebook: Paintings from Pictures

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