Saturday, 25 February 2017

Coming soon ........ the book on Chorlton’s pubs, beer houses and bars

Well it had to be the next big project.

.With copies of Manchester Pubs - The Stories Behind The Doors,City Centre  whizzing off the book shelves the next project just had to be the pubs, beer houses and bars of Chorlton.*

We are sticking to the popular formulae.  Peter will paint a picture of the outside of each drinking place, I will tell the stories behind the doors and the book will be designed as a series of walks which will throw in a bit of history along the way.

What we need are memories and pictures of the insides of each establishment. They can be from the very first time you entered the place back in 1963 to when the Bar became Chorlton Tap.

And if you have anything on what any of the bars were like when they were shops so much the better.

You can leave a comment on the blog or get in touch with us through our new facebook page.

The book is planned for later in the year so there is no time waste.

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