Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Pictures from a book launch ......... Manchester Remembering 1914-18

This may be regarded as a piece of outrageous self promotion or a valid exercise in introducing the new book on Manchester and the Great War.

Two from the day, ....... the Lord Mayor meets Andrew Simpson ...... and Jo and Andrew of Chorlton Bookshop helping the launch by selling Manchester Remembering 1914-18*

Over the last few days I have  thanked many of the people who helped make the book possible and yesterday I talked about all those who turned up on the day.

And today I want to extend a thank you to the Lord Mayor Cll Austen-Behan who who took time out from a very busy round of official visits to cal in at Central Ref for the book launch.

Given that his itinerary for the day was pretty packed the Lord Mayor's Office told me his visit would be a short one.

But he stayed longer than planned, and showed great interest in the book, the exhibition and met some of those whose family members appear in the book.

Leaving me just to also thank Jo of Choelron Bookshop and her husband Andrew who sold copies of the book.

Pictures; from the launch of Manchester Remembering 1914-18 by ALTOSOUNDS

*Manchester Remembering 1914-18 by Andrew Simpson was published by the History Press in February 2017

Order now from the author, or the History Press, http://www.thehistorypress.co.uk/publication/great-war-britain-manchester-remembering-1914-18/9780750978965/and Chorlton Book Shop, info@chorltonbookshop.co.uk 0161 881 6374

*A new book on Manchester and the Great War, http://chorltonhistory.blogspot.co.uk/search/label/A%20new%20book%20on%20Manchester%20and%20the%20Great%20War

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