Thursday, 16 February 2017

Manchester Remembering 1914-18 .......... people behind the book no 2 ..... Matilda, Leah, Emily and Dorothea

Now I don’t know how other authors go about thanking the people who have made a book travel from a vague idea to something on a book shelf, but I think they deserve to be mentioned.

Yesterday I wrote about David Harrop who sourced much of the memorabilia which appears in Manchester, Remembering 1914-18* from his extensive collection and today it is the turn of the staff at the History Press who published the book and Manchester City Council who helped with the book launch in Central Ref on Saturday.

And for anyone who  just thinks that this is another way of promoting the book they may be right but it is also an insight into how it came about.

In my case it began with an invitation from Matilda the Commissioning Editor at the History Press to write for their series Great War Britain, continued with Emily who read the manuscript, suggested changes to the grammar and above all made me think about careless or repetitive passages and has concluded with Leah who has made sure that the publicity for the book and the launch have gone smoothly.

Which brings me nicely to Dorothea who is the Service Development Officer for Manchester Libraries who has helped organise the event on Saturday.

You can become very blasé about a book launch to the point of forgetting just how to make the thing work, and this Dorothea did, pointing to the screen in the room and suggesting a power point presentation.

She also sorted out the basics, like the positioning of tables, and chairs and then handed me over to Jackie and Drew at Archive Plus who publicised the event and Helen who will be there on the day.

So less another stab at outrageous self promotion and more a big thank you.

The book launch for Manchester Remembering 1914-18 will be on Saturday February 18 in Central Ref from 1pm through to 4.30

Picture; Central Ref 2014, from the collection of Andrew Simpson

Manchester Remembering 1914-18 by Andrew Simpson was published by the History Press in February 2017

Order now from the History Press, or Chorlton Book Shop, 0161 881 6374

*A new book on Manchester and the Great War,

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