Sunday, 26 February 2017

Taking that new tram journey .......... the competition

To celebrate  the opening of the new Second City Crossing today here’s the competition.

Name the pubs you might visit along the route.

You don’t of course have to stop and visit each one  ....... which would lead to a very interesting journey.

No it will be suffice to name the pub along with the nearest metro stop.

To add to the fun you can also nominate two more pubs nearby to your choices with just a sentence on why they should be included.

Some will mutter this nothing more than another outrageous bout of self promotion and of course it is because those who want to cheat might just turn to the book Manchester Pubs The Stories Behind the Doors City Centre where all could be revealed.

But the terms and conditions of the competition include the stipulation that you must proffer a metro ticket for the journey which is clearly dated from Sunday.

And that is it.

Except to say the journey starts from the Deansgate Castlefield  stop.

You van leave your compeition entry as a comment on the blog or go to the facebook page ManchesterPubs - City Centre

Location; the Second City Crossing

Pictures; travelling the tram, 2017 from the collection of Andrew Simpson

*A new book on Manchester Pubs

Manchester Pubs is available  or Chorlton Bookshop

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