Sunday, 12 February 2017

One more heave and the Railway Inn at Cornbrook will be no more

It’s the ruin you spot from the tram at Cornbrook.

Once it was the Railway Inn, pulling pints and offering a bit of cheer on a drab corner.

I have been interested in it for years, have written about it in the past and featured some of Andy Robertson’s pictures of the place.

It still clings on although now there is little left bar a few walls.

Andy Robertson regularly visits what’s left and soon that won’t be anything. It stands on the corner of Cornbrook Road and Dover Street and in 1911 Jonas Barraclough dispensed the beer and the cheer.

It was a densely packed area of terraced houses and industry but as the people and the industry moved away there were few people left to buy those pints.

And for those who remember it in its happier days and for that matter those who are curious to know what it looked like here is the Railway Inn back in 1958.

I know people who drankin there, sadly I wasn't one of them.

Location; Cornbrook

Pictures; of the Railway Inn today, back in 2014  courtesy of Andy Robertson, and as it was in 1958, when E Stanley captured it, m 50339, courtesy of Manchester Libraries, Information and Archives, Manchester City Council,

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