Monday, 30 April 2018

Having fun with Chorlton’s past ........ walking the walk

One of the nice things about doing the Quirks History Walks is that you meet up with old friends and regulars who return time after time for a dollop of our past.

Yesterday was the second of the Quirks walks, linked to the book The Quirks of Chorlton-cum-Hardy but they are part of a bigger series which has been running from 2011 and pretty much has covered all of Chorlton.

Every year there is one run in association with Manchester Public Libraries, others have been commissioned by community groups and slotted in amongst all of these were annual ones for Chorlton Arts Festival.

And now for the rest of the year running through to autumn there will be more based around the Quirks book, with the next planned for late May when we will saunter from the Lloyds down to the Creameries, but more of that later.

For now I shall thank all of those who walked with us from the Narnia lamp post on the green to Ken Foster’s cycle shop on Barlow Moor Road and offer a special thank you to the staff at the shop who welcomed us with refreshments and the story of the Manchester B Bike which I will write about tomorrow.

Location; Chorlton

Picture; the Quirks Walk 2, 2018, from the collection of Peter Topping

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