Wednesday, 12 April 2017

A little bit of Naples in Manchester ........... stories I like

Now what can be better than a pizza party?

And when the pizzas are home made and cooked on a wood burning oven in the garden in front of you it just doesn’t get any better.

Not that this was all fun, in fact there was a serious side to the evening which was to  test out a range of Italian made mozzarella cheese which our old friend Bob Amato who was thinking of marketing them in his business.*

Much of what passes for mozzarella is made in Britain or Denmark and so here was a chance to test out the real stuff.This was an experiment I have to say I was up for.

There were half a dozen of us, including Saro and Carlo who work with Bob, along with me and Tina and an old friend of Bob’s.

Helping Bob with the cooking was his daughter and the rest as they say was an evening of sheer pleasure.

I had thought that we might have a score card with directions on how to mark each one out of ten, but as it turned out the fun and pleasure side took over which is of course how it should be.

I did toy with telling our Saul who makes a mean pizza but as he is in Naples at the moment I rather think he can go and find his own pizza place.

What made the evening just that bit special was the mix of people, Sara is from Spain, and Carlo although he has lived in Darwen for a big chunk of his life is Italian.

And in the course of the evening Tina and Bob discovered that their parents were from the same part of Naples.

Which just left me whose only claim to fame is that I was born in south east London, spent my early years in Peckham before growing up in Eltham, which I am the first to concede is nowhere as romantic as either Spain or Naples.

Not that anyone was bothered about that, instead it was the pizzas which stole the night.

And I have to say my favourite turned out to be a slightly smoked cheese.

So there you have it, ......... a magic evening, some superb food and an experiment well done.

Location; Manchester

Pictures; a pizza evening from the collection of Sara Saro Lavilla

*Amato Food Products,

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