Tuesday, 11 April 2017

When Andy Robertson went to Newton Heath ......... no 2 the Library

Now I don’t post enough about north Manchester.

So here is another in a short series from Andy on his trip  by tram to Newton Heath

This is the library and I do like the idea of displaying the history of the area on the outside of the building.

As the introduction to Newton Heath Library from their web site says, "You can’t miss our building – it’s bright yellow with easily the wackiest wall paintings in Manchester all over it. 

Newton Heath has a mighty industrial past as the engineering powerhouse of Manchester. 

We’re still a powerhouse – of story sessions for tiny tots, job advice for ambitious locals, knitting groups for the creative and thrifty – even visiting musicians."*

So that is about it.

Location; Newton Heath

Picture; Newton Heath Library, 2017, from the collection of Andy Robertson

*Newton Heath Library, Old Church Street, Newton Heath, M40 2JB, http://www.manchester.gov.uk/directory_record/87775/newton_heath_library

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