Thursday, 6 April 2017

A Sunday in April on Chester Road ............. it doesn’t get any more romantic

Now the Friends of Chester Road will be very familiar with the spot but for most travelling in from the suburbs it will just be a blur which is passed in seconds.

And that is a shame because there is and will be lots going on.

Just out of the picture to the left a whole new set of residential blocks of flats have risen in the last few years and there is every reason to suppose plenty more will follow.

All very different from what you might have seen coming along the road in the 1950s, which lays down the challenge for people to dig through the picture albums and come up with a photograph of the same location half a century and more ago.

In the meantime I like Andy’s picture taken on a Sunday afternoon when the traffic was light and offering up an interesting variety of tall buildings from the church spire of St Georges to the tall apartment blocks, the even taller Beetham Tower and the doomed roof of the old Central Railway Station.

It is cluttered and messy and I like it..

Location; Chester Road

Picture; Chester Road, 2017 from the collection of Andy Robertson

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