Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Back with the Red Cross nurses in Didsbury at Woodlawn

Now of all the Red Cross Hospitals I have written about I do seem to keep coming back to Woodlawn.

It had been a private house which was donated to the Red Cross during the Great War and was later a school.

During its first nine months of operation it cared for 118 men who had been admitted for a number of reasons ranging from bullet and shrapnel wounds to the effects of being gassed and contracting frostbite and rheumatism.

It regularly featured in the Manchester Guardian and after the war its owner a Mrs Churchill was awarded an OBE for work at the hospital.

Along with two photographs of the building there is an embroidered sheet carrying the names of both nurses, and wounded soldiers.

And today my friend David received this one which like the other photographs is a picture postcard, showing some of the staff and patients.

I don’t have a date but what I like is the detail of the temporary buildings which I guess may push the date of this picture to later in the war.

Location; Didsbury

Picture; Woodlawn, date unknown from the collection of David Harrop.


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