Friday, 7 April 2017

See better days and do better things ........... on a wet rainy day

Now with the prospect of rain the beach didn’t seem an attractive prospect, and so we headed inland.

Not that we escaped the rain.  Instead it followed us and to make matters worse it was that drizzly sort of rain which stopped and started with such regularity that most people gave up on their umbrellas and just headed for cover.

And that is how I came across these three, sitting under a large canvas sheet at a small bar on the edge of one of the historic piazzas.

Whatever caught their attention was only a momentary affair because seconds later the younger women slid back into her original thoughtful pose ignoring the older woman who rambled on, while the man in the background turned his attention elsewhere.

Location; Italy

Picture; in the cafe on the edge of the piazza,  2016 from the collection of Andrew Simpson

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