Tuesday, 18 April 2017

“Cow muck,” “no more school” and “Cowboy Joe” ........ lost playground chants no 4

Now as you would expect memories of playground chants and songs have bubbled up in response to the first ones I posted, and here are some more.  

Andy Robertson reminded me of that old favourite,

“No more days of school
No more days of sorrow
No more days in this old dump
We'll be home tomorrow”

While Margaret chimed in with one about her rival primary school, “Christ church bulldogs sittin' on a wall, eatin' cowmuck penny a ball" adding “we used to sing a similar song about other rival primary schools.”

And from Judy Wilson came
“I remember skipping on the long rope, a kid turning at each end of the rope, to Cowboy Joe from Mexico, hands up, stick 'em up, drop your guns and pick them up, out you go. And in would go the next kid to skip.” And “some others that come to mind of group games in the playground. The wind, the wind blows high and In and out the Scottish bluebells.”

Location; the playground

Picture; Oswald Road School, 2014 from the collection of Andy Robertson

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