Saturday, 8 April 2017

The Bull's Head is going

Now most of the Friends of Chester Road will only know the Bull's Head as a low wall with a plot of empty land behind it.

I don’t know when the pub closed or when it was knocked down leaving only part of the ground floor walls, one of which retained its ceramic tiles.

In the space where there were once rooms with happy customers there was till recently only a growing forest of vegetation including more than a few saplings.

All of which prompted Andy to comment that “Bully’s had a hair cut” when he sent over his latest pictures of where the Bull used to be and adding “sometime between last Sunday afternoon and yesterday afternoon, the mini forest that was in the Bull's Head (Chester Road, Hulme) was chopped down. I also saw a stone 'established 1808' that I didn't see in May 2014.

All this suggests to me is something may be happening to this site. It could be flats as so far there only about 10,000 being built hereabouts!”

A quick trawl of the planning applications may reveal what is abut to happen down there but for now I am intrigued by that stone with the date 1808.

Someone with the knowledge or the sources will know doubt throw light on that stone.

2017, 1808
I suspect it will refer to a brewery but may just be about the pub.  All of which leaves me to go looking through my old maps of Chester Road.

Location; Chester Road

Picture; The Bull,'s Head Chester Road, 2014, & 2017 from the collection of Andy Robertson

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